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BUILD.5 Platform

Secure, Scalable, and Interoperable: The Next Generation of Infrastructure and Applications.

Easy Environment Setup

Set up your development environment with ease. Start experimenting with code and ideas right away.

Instant Network Access

Gain instant access to the network with just a few clicks. We'll have your nodes up and running in no time.

Rapid & Smart Innovation

Innovate with speed and focus. Build, connect, and deploy your smart contract on the feeless network.

Confidence in Scaling

Our battle tested infrastructure can handle workloads of any size with insitutional scalability.

Marketplace of Modules

Decentralized app store with components that can be integrated into any solution. Users decide which components to utilize for their organization.

Ecosystem for Support

BUILD.5 is connected to multiple thriving open source communities with a code base that has been battle hardened over years.

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Manage your BUILD.5 implementations through a high performance, easy-to-access dashboard. one-click deployments, One-click deployments, analytics, API management and more at your fingertips.

  • One-click deployable blueprints
  • Tutorials and Documentation
  • Governance & Consortium Mgmt
  • and so much more…


The BUILD.5 marketplace acts as a hub and intersection for Web2 and Web3 companies and technology. An index of reliable and secure software solutions that leverage the transparency, immutability, and decentralization attributes of blockchain technology.

  • dApp integration
  • Service providers
  • Solution partners and agencies

iDOS Framework

The iDOS (IOTA Decentralized Operating System) is an Open Source OS, which serves as the foundation for the ground breaking BUILD.5 platform. Universal communication channels link Web2/Web3 seamlessly with high powered performance and security capabilities. Implement with ease through SDKs and APIs.

  • Universal Communication Channels
  • SDKs and APIs
  • Node Manager
  • Mana Station

OUR VISION is to create a unified experience platform that incorporates all the benefits of Web3 for users through a complete spectrum of decentralized services that solves real world problems.


BUILD.5 is more than just a revolutionary platform, it’s also a community of professionals and technologists looking to solve industry problems. Join our growing ecosystem of trail blazers, innovators, and problem solvers looking to define the digital frontier of Web2 + Web3. Submit an application and build with us.

Iota Iota Iota

$BUILD Token

The $BUILD Token is the governance token of the BUILD.5 platform. As a native token of the IOTA network, it wields the features of the IOTA mainnet and all of its innovative properties, such as feelessness.

Token Utility

Governance token of the BUILD.5 platform.

  • Token holders can vote in committee members that make the majority of protocol and treasury decisions.
  • Major changes to be voted on by all token holders.
  • All fees generated by applications on the BUILD.5 platform go to the treasury where allocation decisions are made by governance.

Cap Table

Total Supply - 100 million $BUILD.

  • 20% - Founders and core contributors
  • 10% - Incentivize enterprises looking to create BUILD.5 solutions
  • 30% - To reward participants that further the BUILD Treasury
  • 20% - Community adoption incentives
  • 20% - Airdrop to all $SOON token holders

About Us

The BUILD.5 founder team is deeply skilled in Web3 with a strong Web 2 entrepreneurial background.


Board of Advisors


BUILD.5 is dedicated to the development of Open Source technology that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 companies by developing the connective tissue of identity, tokenization, data management, markets, and immutable ledgers. Only a strong, distributed, balanced foundation can carry the weight of tomorrow’s greatest challenges.

BUILD.5 c/o Domizilagentur GmbH

Baarerstrasse 43

6300 Zug Switzerland

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