IOTA’s Biggest Builders Join Forces to Create BUILD.5

Song Choi

Introducing BUILD.5, an enterprise ready plug & play platform designed to seamlessly integrate web2 and web3 technology using both decentralized and existing enterprise systems. Founded by the former market adoption team of the IOTA Foundation and founders of SPYCE.5, Holger Köther and Regine Haschka-Helmer; ecosystem entrepreneur and SPYCE.5 founder Kimmo Nurmisto; founders of SoonLabs and the builders of the Soonaverse, Adam Kundrat (adam_unchained), Andrew Worden (TangleAccountant), and Song Choi (shonuff); and the founder of IOTA, David Sønstebø.

As experts in technology, product development, market adoption, marketing, finance, decentralized infrastructure, and open source management the BUILD.5 founders are some of the most influential and impactful founders in IOTA today. By joining forces our goal is to realize the fullest potential of IOTA and its benefits for business and enterprise.

Secure, Scalable, and Interoperable: The Next Generation of Infrastructure and Applications.

BUILD.5 is structured into two parts:

  1. A non-profit association dedicated to the support and governance of decentralized, open source technology that will have the greatest positive impact on society and industry.

  2. The open source platform, built to enable the most seamless co-development experience for all builders in both Web2 and Web3 through powerful, novel, innovative solutions, only possible by leveraging the unique characteristics of the IOTA L1 networks (IOTA/Shimmer)

Why Did We Found BUILD.5?

The greatest challenge to adoption of Web3 technology is its simply too difficult for enterprises to integrate. Incompatible systems, high cost of implementation, low to no access to qualified staff to support it, or lack of capacity to scale towards production.

The BUILD.5 platform is the answer to these common obstacles, a revolutionary web3 core engine accessed through a series of powerful turn key implementation tools. Thanks to BUILD.5, organizations of any size will be able to integrate and customize any web3 service via easy to access product blueprints and APIs. In addition, as an open source product it fulfills the most important aspect of the ethos of decentralized technology, the creation of a more accessible and fair system of data and value.

BUILD.5 is prepared to adopt the advanced capabilities of the IOTA Tangle, renowned for its ability to process transactions simultaneously. With this underlying infrastructure, it is predicted that BUILD.5 will set a new benchmark in blockchain performance, capable of meeting the demands of enterprise adoption and marking a significant advancement in the sector.

Our Founders

By combining all of our talent, resources, professional connections, partnership networks, and experiences, the team behind BUILD.5 will be strategically positioned to grow the IOTA network faster than ever before.

Since Q4 of 2022, the BUILD.5 founder team together with our co-founder / investor David Sonstebo have been collaboratively working behind the scenes growing the organization, building the platform, and establishing enterprise partnerships leveraging our ground breaking technology.

Our Product / Platform

Since 2021 we have battle tested this technology on the IOTA testnet, Shimmer. Development of our decentralized application (“Soonaverse”) fueled the discoveries that make up the current BUILD.5 framework. This evolutionary process has resulted in a surge of additional capabilities and features within the BUILD.5 Platform paving the way for traditional organizations to embrace the new and dynamic sphere of Web3..

Here’s a quick overview of how the BUILD.5 multi-layered open source platform is designed:

Over the next several weeks we’ll be showcasing use cases we’ve built in collaboration with enterprise partners and how each component functions, including: the BUILD.5 Console, BUILD.5 Marketplace, and the BUILD.5 iDOS Framework.

Platform Governance and Token

$BUILD is an IOTA token and will mint immediately after the Stardust update launches on the mainnet this year. The entire BUILD.5 platform will be governed by $BUILD token holders.

Only $SOON token holders will receive $BUILD tokens during the initial mint as there will be no token sale or launchpad for the $BUILD token.

$BUILD represents the collective effort of every member of the Founding team and will not be duplicated or replicated in any other project.

The $BUILD token distribution and utility are as follows:

20 million $BUILD tokens will be airdropped to $SOON token holders. At this time there are roughly 18.5 million $SOON tokens in circulation, so for every 1 $SOON there would be an airdrop of ~1.1 $BUILD. However, this ratio will change as $SOON staking rewards are released prior to the mainnet Stardust update and the subsequent minting of the $BUILD token.

Our Future

BUILD.5 is the culmination of months of effort and we are extremely excited to begin sharing with you what we’ve built and our progress growing the ecosystem through enterprise partnerships, use cases, and product integrations. We believe the BUILD.5 association and the BUILD.5 platform will become the backbone of mass adoption for the IOTA network and will give both enterprises and individuals the tools they need to create novel, innovative solutions that will revolutionize nearly every industry. We hope you will join us in celebrating this momentous milestone in the lifecycle of the IOTA network.

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