November 2023 Dev Update

Adam Kundrat & Andrew Worden

The BUILD.5 team has been working hard behind the scenes to continue transforming our technology beyond a single point solution to an all encompassing web3 platform where anyone can efficiently utilize the Tangle to develop useful applications. All of the complexities of interfacing with DLTs like IOTA and Shimmer are being abstracted away by BUILD.5 to pave the way for future builders to succeed in our ecosystem.

Quick Rundown

New features include:

Project API

Some of our original codebase was derived from our first product, which is known as the Soonaverse. Now, after a months long refactoring process we have completely separated BUILD.5 into the foundational Platform OS it was designed to be. The Soonaverse (and other enterprise builders) now exist as separate ecosystems or what we refer to as a “Verse” on the BUILD.5 platform, via the Project API.

This new Project API creates the foundational framework for new users to come in and quickly spin up their own projects. Simply put, One Verse = One Project. For example, the Soonaverse is dedicated to IOTA, Shimmer, and other Distributed Ledger communities; another verse could focus on sensor manufacturers collaborating with OEMs and supply chain participants using the Internet of Things; a consortium of NGOs could create an environmental, sustainability Verse equipped with their own carbon markets; or hospitals and other healthcare providers could create a research space for public and private institutions and members. There really is no limit to the number of Verses that can be produced via the Project API.

In addition, because they are developed on the same platform, different Verses can share information with one another, creating massive potential for growth and collaboration. Project API enables Verse creators to monitor its API usage and set up different billing schedules. We can now have Verses that are subscription based or even based on staking a token.

This has been a major effort across the entire BUILD.5 system, but a worthwhile task based on the outcome of the work. Our next step will be the creation of a publicly viewable dashboard to further illustrate how a Verse (such as the Soonaverse) is using the BUILD.5 APIs, along with usage and performance metrics.

Full Integration of iota/sdk

The entire technology stack has been moved from iota.js to iota/sdk. This was a significant refactoring effort for our development team, part of supporting Stardust on the IOTA mainnet. A great deal of functionality was rewritten and retested repeatedly to ensure a seamless migration. Our automated testing procedures make certain that every release is accompanied by a rigorous and extensive testing and validation process. We believe the sacrifice of time and effort for the peace of mind that the system is secure was a worthwhile and necessary endeavor.

Only a handful of minor issues related to the migration were identified, but the process did take a bit longer than originally anticipated. Overall feedback from our partners during this time has been overwhelmingly positive, we appreciate everyone’s patience and support through this process.

The beauty of this update is that it truly shows that BUILD.5 is a fully functioning, battle tested, multi-chain solution, now supporting both the Shimmer and IOTA mainnets with code that has been executing consistently for over two years. A regular source of praise from our enterprise partners after evaluating our code is how reliable and stable our platform is. It has been a major selling point for them when building on top of us.

Auction API

Auction functionality is now separated from NFT functionality. Before this release, the auction functionality was purely for NFTs. Now anyone can run auctions for anything and tap into our payment APIs. We took all the auction functionality and turned it into standpoint functions that can operate without NFTs attached. An example of how this could be used is in ecommerce or digital advertising.

We’ve introduced three new auction features:

  1. Incremental Bid: You can specify the increment that people can bid (E.g. bidders must bid in increments of 10 IOTA instead of 0.0001 IOTA).
  2. Define Multiple Winners: It’s no longer necessary to only have a single winner in an auction. The auction owner can specify that the top X number of bidders all win.
  3. “Top Up” Feature: Previously when you were outbid and wanted to bid again, you had to spend the full next bid amount and then your previous bid would be refunded. Now it’s as easy as spending the additional amount to “top up” your bid to create a new highest bid.

Stamp API

A checksum, sometimes called a hash or hash sum, is a small-sized block of data derived from another block of digital data (often a single file) for the purpose of detecting errors that may have been introduced during its transmission or storage. By comparing the checksum of a version of a file, users can ensure that a copy of a file is genuine and error free.

The Stamp API allows enterprise users to enshrine or “stamp” any version of any file, in any sized database by automatically storing a checksum of it on the Tangle. This means our enterprise partners can use Stamp API to create immutable records for an entire AI training dataset, industrial users can secure software updates for its massive inventory of IoT devices, or data centers can maintain records for clients that want to back up their entire content servers, the possibilities are endless and its all done feelessly on IOTA and Shimmer. In addition, if you want to use one of our storage options, you can automatically upload files to IPFS, store the data in Google Cloud (this is a pay-per-use functionality) or wait for future updates where we work with multiple storage providers to enable a complete range of both centralized and decentralized storage solutions for product users. If brought to its fullest potential, Stamp API could become the backbone of all future checksum procedures for any organization looking to post files for consumption. A massive opportunity for decentralized storage and the everyday use of ledgers as a whole.

We created a github action to allow anyone to stamp their released applications and store check-sum immutably. This will be made available shortly after the release.


This development update represents months of planning and development, further realizing our vision to become the most highly adopted web3 platform available today. The BUILD.5 platform is well on its way to becoming the backbone of mass adoption for the IOTA network by giving both enterprises and individuals tools like these to create novel, innovative, revolutionary new industry solutions.

Be sure to stay up to date on the latest developments by signing up for future updates at and follow us on Twitter. For more information about these new features and our other fully functioning product APIs contact us at [email protected].

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