BUILD.5 Welcomes Maha Al-Saadi to its Board of Advisors

Song Choi

Switzerland, Zug. – December 11th, 2023 - BUILD.5, a non-profit association dedicated to the creation of open source technology and creators of the BUILD.5 web3 plug & play platform, today welcomed Maha Al-Saadi to its Board of Advisors. Maha will be providing advisory expertise in regulatory compliance in financial services markets in relation to blockchain, DLT, and digital assets for the BUILD.5 Association and BUILD.5 platform in the United Arab Emirates and other global markets.

“As BUILD.5 expands our reach into financial services and global markets, we will require the perspective of an expert that understands how to properly formulate an executable plan of action that balances the needs of industry and government, Maha is that expert.” said Holger Köther, Founder of BUILD.5. “I’ve had the honor of working with Maha on many engagements and know she will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role.”

Maha Al-Saadi has 15 years of experience in financial services and regulatory compliance, and is a regulatory affairs expert with high levels of expertise in blockchain, DLT and Digital Assets. She recently relocated to Doha after a 12-year stay in Germany and is currently the Head of Regulatory Affairs at the Qatar Financial Centre Authority. As the Head of Regulatory Affairs she consistently applies insights she gained during her European experience to facilitate meaningful and productive connections between the East and the West.

Maha is a staunch advocate and lobbyist for digital assets adoption, including setting regulatory outreach strategies. She is passionate about the safe adoption of new blockchain technologies to increase efficiency, making regulations that support innovation, reduction of costs, and ultimately enhancing financial inclusion.

She graduated with an LLM in Finance Law from the Institute of Law and Finance, Goethe University and a BSc in Banking and Financial Studies. Maha is also a certified Blockchain Expert through the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

“We are at the very start of a transformational process, one which will see the world attempt to create a new global regulatory framework for digital assets,” said Maha Al Saadi. “This process will either be chaotic and disconnected like past attempts at creating often contradictory localized ad hoc regulations or it can be harmonious and effective like what we experienced with the EU and its 27 Member States.”

“BUILD.5 has the potential to become one of the foundational technologies that enables the ideal version of this future state and I look forward to providing whatever guidance I am capable of in creating that world for future generations.”

About BUILD.5

BUILD.5 is a sustainable plug & play open source platform for enterprise and builders. The governing not-for-profit organization fosters a collaborative community to drive innovation in the emerging distributed computation space. BUILD.5 empowers businesses to integrate breakthrough technologies easily to decrease implementation time and costs. Learn more at

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