BUILD.5 Welcomes Micheal Isaia to its Board of Directors

Song Choi

Switzerland, Zug. – September 26, 2023 - BUILD.5, a non-profit association dedicated to the creation of open source technology and creators of the BUILD.5 web3 plug & play platform, today welcomed Mike Isaia to its Board of Directors.

Mike serves on the BUILD.5 Association’s Board of Advisors, plays a pivotal role in guiding the Association’s Enterprise Adoption Strategic Task Force, and has been a consistent contributor to SoonLabs, SPYCE.5, and the IOTA / Shimmer ecosystems. As a member of the Board of Directors Mike will expand his involvement in the BUILD.5 Association by participating in the oversight of the organization’s strategic mission, goals, and objectives.

“I am very proud to officially welcome Mike to our Board of Directors, during this exciting time of rapid expansion for the BUILD.5 Association,” said Regine Haschka-Helmer, Co-Founder of BUILD.5. “His success in the promotion and adoption of open source best practices can be seen in all of the teams he advises in the IOTA, Shimmer, and Cardano ecosystems. We look forward to having him serve alongside us as we continue to grow and advance BUILD.5’s own open source agenda.”

Mike is currently a Technology Solutions Architect with Cisco, a global leader in networking, security, collaboration, and cloud management. He has 15+ years of experience accelerating high-growth enterprise tech startups ranging from emerging to unicorn status. Prior to Cisco Mike was a Solution Architect, Strategic Alliances with Turbonomic and various startups that were acquired by HP and Broadcom.

About BUILD.5

BUILD.5 is an open source, plug & play platform for enterprise customers looking to address the challenges of data security, trust, and authentication in a “post truth” world. They foster a collaborative community to drive innovation in the emerging distributed computation space. Their versatile, environmentally friendly platform empowers businesses to integrate breakthrough technologies easily and with low maintenance requirements. Welcome to the TRUST ERA. Learn more at

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