NMKR brings Cardano RWA Tokenization to the BUILD.5 enterprise platform

Adam Kundrat & Song Choi

The BUILD.5 association has partnered with NMKR to add Cardano Tokenized assets to its BUILD.5 enterprise platform. Tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA) represents a “100 Trillion Dollar Path to Adoption” and enables technologies such as confidential computing, cloud, edge, and federated AI to transform and digitize entire industries. The implications of this new wave of novel applications of digital assets can be seen in the public and private PoC’s being developed by BUILD.5 and its collaborators.

Now, with NMKR, the leading developer of Cardano based NFT and asset tokenization products, BUILD.5 will expand its digital twin capabilities to the Cardano blockchain.

“NMKR’s design philosophy and approach towards building through the current challenges faced in web3 were a perfect fit for us,” said Adam Kundrat, lead developer and creator of the BUILD.5 platform. “Adding their NFT and tokenization features now gives our enterprise customers the additional ability to mint digital twins on Cardano and expands the reach and impact of both of our projects and the L1’s they support.”

Look out for more about our exciting new expansions into the Cardano ecosystem and innovative use cases which we’ll be revealing in the coming weeks. For more information about tokenization, digital twins, or our NFT and other product APIs contact us at [email protected].

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