Mana Station - The Power Grid for IOTA 2.0 Smart Contracts

Mana Station is a marketplace where SC creators and users can buy and sell mana for their smart contract execution needs.


Nodes with sufficient mana can offer their resources to give access to the Tangle and power smart contracts in exchange for compensation.

Revenue Generation

  • Node operators will be able to generate revenue by supplying mana to the Mana Station and can charge fees in different currencies (USDT, IOTA, BUILD). This will ensure a constant supply of mana ready to be deployed. 
  • Developers can create applications, set up a node with the BUILD.5 console, and make that node the default node for their application. This enables them to immediately start earning revenue from user transactions. The constant demand from consumers using their application ensures a continuous flow of fees.
  • The Mana Station's rules, fee structures, and other parameters will be governed through community-driven consensus mechanisms like BUILD token voting to ensure transparency and fairness. Decentralizing the decision making process of this critical infrastructure will ensure continued support and adoption.

Supply and Demand

  • The Mana Station facilitates a balanced economy between mana suppliers (node managers generating mana) and mana consumers (SCs and applications). It acts as a trustless intermediary that charges fees for the services provided, and a portion of these fees is distributed back to the node operators.
  • The Mana Station module will implement a fee system that allows for control and management of fees. A key thing is that since IOTA is feeless, the BUILD.5 community will have full control over the fee structure and pricing strategy.
  • The Mana Station helps balance the supply and demand of mana and plays a critical role in the broader ecosystem of IOTA 2.0. The ecosystem requires this symmetry between consumers and contributors. It’s essential to have a distribution system like the Mana Station in place to ensure a well-functioning market to access the Tangle and have the ability to execute logic on it.

“Mana Station will serve as the backbone of the IOTA 2.0 network, providing a mechanism for balancing supply and demand of mana while powering SCs and applications across the ecosystem.”

Andrew Worden, Co-Founder

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