OTRs - The Next Generation of Web3 APIs

On Tangle Requests (OTRs) provide secure, decentralized, and auditable communications through the layer 1 IOTA network.


Make requests to centralized services operated by any partner. Requests can trigger on-chain actions with any type of smart contracts including L2 EVM smart contracts and L1 smart contracts.

How do OTRs work?

  • Any user can make an anonymous request by posting a transaction to the Tangle. This is possible through public and local nodes, providing ultimate flexibility for your enterprise use cases. 
  • Engage with BUILD.5 through an IOTA node, even nodes running locally on a Kubernetes cluster. Completely anonymous and private, using encrypted data for enhanced privacy.
  • Cost of processing these transactions? ZERO. This is a protocol level feature (IOTA and Shimmer). Enterprise customers can also use BUILD.5 platform service for a small fee. (e.g. Trading tokens may have a 2% fee).

Proven Technology

  • OTRs have been battle tested on our incentivized staging network for over a year. Operating seamlessly in a full production environment, with proven product market fit. Partners know that its technology they can rely on. 
  • OTR Analytics show you how to leverage OTR operations and make more informed business decisions. You can verify which OTRs are being used, how many requests have been called, number of errors, cost, and total volume. 
  • A key component for BUILD.5 partners leveraging the platform to seamlessly integrate with web3 technology into their existing systems.

“OTRs are the next generation of Web3 APIs. OTRs will provide a seamless transition from centralized services to decentralized services. It’s the world’s simplest bridge from web2 to web3 and vice versa.”

Adam Kundrat, Co-Founder

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